As reports have just come out, Spike Lee is about to get his first superhero movie with Night Watch and as an avid movie goer I threw up my hands. Really ? ANOTHER Superhero movie ??? Here's why . 

According to the site The Ringer 5 out of the 10 highest grossing films of 2017 were super hero films. In fact while the industry in total is down 5% for the year, the only profitable films have been Superhero ones having earned more than 4 billion worldwide for the year.

The narrative doesn't end with just money though, because 4 out of the 10 best reviewed films were Superhero films. If you look at the press right now they seem to say that Superhero films will become the standard of a failing industry , but that's the press being the press. I wonder what they were saying when we went through the Independent film phase of Hollywood ?

Ultimately ever since Tim Burton's Batman back in 1989 and the hoopla that followed, the industry took notice and went all in on the genre understanding the duality of the superhero and the relationship of their alter ego's and were able to create meaningful stories about them.

I really believe another genre will come along and take the industry by storm much like what these films have done lately. 

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