Summer is here, and there are a million reasons why you need to be with us at Sickies Garage every Wednesday night. We are two weeks into our traditional event, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I really love to walk around Sickies parking lot and see a sea of beautiful bikes all in a row, each machine - shiny kick-stands down -expressing their owner's style. One of my duties, every Wednesday is to tag two bikes, to somehow spotlight my favorites along with B-Fish's ( a US 103.3 personality ) picks, is no easy feat. On September 2nd, our last BIKE NIGHT 2020 of the season, one of the motorcycles tagged will be voted on as the coolest bike of the summer. How about that for the owner - a huge trophy and big-time bragging rights!

Another observation I have made is watching the fellowship of risers gathered, everyone seems so supportive, so enthusiastic about being there, all have their stories, favorite rides to share. A common bond is formed each week, and it's cool. Sickies garage is the perfect place, their staff is top-notch, taking care of hungry bikers inside, and thirsty folks outside, Erin and Marissa manning the make-shift bar under the tent. Our sponsors are out there as well, talking to everyone, and having a great time. What's most important to me though, is that BIKE NIGHT 2020 is a family event, it really is. I talked with a rider this past week who had his 12-year old son with him, preparing him for future days ahead when he'll be riding on the streets of Bismarck on his own bike. BIKE NIGHT 2020 is just an ideal time for all of us to be together.


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