What are your plans this weekend, OR should I say this Saturday? Do you relish a nice quiet calm "nothing-going-on-whatsoever" two days of rest? Sometimes those are the best, your body needs time to charge your battery so to speak, and get ready for another work week. Let me get just a tad personal here - do you own a good strong umbrella?

Sadly I'm not talking about an upcoming rainstorm that we desperately need, somewhere up in space there is a 22 TON Rocket that is expected to FALL FROM THE SKY on May 8th - Yep, this Saturday.

According to CNNThe Pentagon has said it is tracking a large Chinese rocket that is out of control and set to reenter Earth's atmosphere this weekend, raising concerns about where its debris may make an impact. 

So wait, is the rocket going to hit us??? I mean US as in Bismarck, Mandan. Of course, nobody has answered my numerous phone calls of near hysteria (maybe I dialed the wrong number - 1-800- DUD - ROCKET) - though to my somewhat eased relief Jonathan McDowell Astro (Nerd) physicist at the Astro (Nerd) physics Center at Harvard University seems to think we have not a thing to worry about. You see when the spiraling out-of-control clanky tube (traveling at a pedestrian speed of a mere 18,000 miles an hour) begins to reach the atmosphere - most space debris burn up. "I don't think people should take precautions. The risk that there will be some damage or that it would hit someone is pretty small -- not negligible, it could happen - I would not lose one second of sleep over this"

Here is the kicker, he finished by saying "There are much bigger things to worry about." Mmmm sounds like something a fortune cookie would say.

Like what, maybe a 23 Ton Rocket?  Oh good, NOW I feel better? So will your eyes be glued to our North Dakota skies this Saturday? Will you have your car engine running just in case you see something way up high heading our way? The US Space Command is tracking the rocket's trajectory every single second it seems - Maybe to be extra safe, you can head out to Lake Sakakawea - drift out to the very middle, and just hang out. How about just staying UNDER the covers ALL day long? Only time will tell on this - for your enjoyment, check out this bad boy.



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