Lareatha Rahn of Omaha, Neb. was two days past her original due date for her son Malikai when she ended up giving birth to him on the toilet.

Rahn said she felt an intense pressure down in her lady bits and felt like she could not get off the toilet until she realized what was going on!

She called 911, enlisted the help of her reluctant 11-year-old daughter, and popped that baby right out and right into the toilet.This toilet baby has been nicknamed "Miracle Baby" by his family because he made it from the bowl to the baby blanket without any health complications!

We're just amazed the baby didn't even come out a little...flushed (okay, we're done).

Congrats to mother and baby and all that good stuff! Good luck to toile-uh...Miracle Baby, hope your life is anything but crappy!

Okay, now we're done.

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