The scary situation that can affect any of us. 

It's something you could have nightmares about. I know I've had them. This poor lady paid for her food at the drive-thru on Main Avenue in Bismarck then dropped something outside of the car.  In a mistake, we all could make instead of putting her car in park, she just took her foot off the brake when she reached down to pick the item she dropped.

Her neck was stuck between the door and the car pillar and needed a police baton to stabilize her breathing before the fire department showed up to get her out. Luckily the response time was almost immediate and they were able to get her to the hospital.

She had trouble breathing of course because it was her neck that was affected but luckily she is in stable condition.

When you are busy it's easy to lose sight of the most minute details that can cause problems. If you don't reset before you handle a problem, this can happen to you. Luckily she's going to be alright.

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