We all are in this together, this is obvious by now. The coronavirus has caused such turmoil, where do we begin with the damage caused already? Our economy is under attack, businesses have closed suddenly, Las Vegas casinos halted! The death toll has risen, and as of right now, there is no relief in sight. The simplicity of the mandatory orders "STAY AT HOME" is hard to get used to. I mean, for those that CAN work at home, no sweat. Just another workday. The masses though, are used to fighting traffic, and putting in a full day at an office, or other whereabouts. We will adapt, right?

There is no cure for the virus, we are all kind of left out in the dark about the latest advancements ( if any ) towards getting a stranglehold on this. Here is the crazy part- SOCIAL MEDIA.What we read, what we HEAR, steers so many people in a thousand directions. Take pastor Kenneth Copeland for instance. When a man with so many followers, guides his flock into "unchartered waters" and promises, possible disappointment looms. Take a look at this ( hold on to your checkbook ).


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