Transitions Yoga is taking their classes out of the studio and making a pretty interesting collaboration.

The Yoga and Beer concept is not new. It is new though to Bismarck and Transitions Yoga is teaming up with Laughing Sun brewery to host beer and yoga sessions.

According to KFYR News: 

BISMARCK, N.D. - Some may relax with a drink, others with yoga. A Bismarck yoga instructor has combined the two for a unique experience.

Sigrid Strebe is the owner of Transitions Yoga. She says yoga in a studio can be intimidating.

"We're trying to meet people where they're at to make that, demystify the classes, demystify yoga just to kind of make it more accessible for more people,"

The Laughing Sun Brewing Company opened early Sunday morning to welcome the growing class.

This is a great activity in town.  Hopefully, if it takes off they can introduce goats in the session.

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