I might be a little biased, but Bismarck-Mandan is a great place to spend your summer. 

Whether you want to hike, relax on the river, or listen to live music, Bismarck-Mandan offers a wide variety of activities. Here is a summer 2017 bucket list to get you started.

1. Eat shaved ice at Mo's Snow Shack. As often as you can.
2. Take a cruise on the Riverboat.
3. Discover a fun new spot to watch 4th of July fireworks.
4. Have a Bon Fire at The Desert.
5. Get to the Mandan 4th of July Parade early so you can get a prime spot.
6. Attend as many Bike Nights at Sickies Garage as possible.
7. Eat a ridiculous amount of sunflower seeds and enjoy some cold beer (if you're 21+, obviously) at McQuade Softball Tournament.
8. No matter how old you are, GO DOWN THE SLIDE.
9. Participate in the Insane Inflatable 5K.
10. Plan an entire Saturday to spend on the patio of Rock Point.
11. Enjoy a homemade meal made of fresh produce from Royse's Twin City Produce.
12. Listen to live music on the patio at The Pond.
13. Eat as much German food as you can at German Days in Downtown Bismarck.
14. Speaking of food, you should probably buy every last kernel of kettle corn at the Downtowner's Street Fair.
15. Rollerblade on River Road.
16. Get a henna tattoo at Urban Harvest.
17. Hike on a trail you've never been before. Bismarck-Mandan is full of them!
18. Take the train at the Dakota Zoo.
19. Join a sand volleyball team.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Have more? Let us know!

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