First of all, let's explore the meaning of the phrase "Strike While The Iron Is Hot"

I'm sure you may have heard those six words spoken before, maybe from an old-timer like your grandfather or something like that - according to

"Definition of strike while the iron is hot

to do something immediately while there is still a good chance to do it" This sums it up perfectly when I recently saw this on Facebook - 

 Just stop and think for a bit, let this sink in. Can you imagine how cool it would be to own an amusement park? Especially during the summer when you could have your family and friends over at no charge ( well maybe half price for your brother or sister ). This isn't something new, the Super Slide Amusement Park at 500 Riverside Park Road here in Bismarck has been up for sale. When we first heard about that intriguing news last August, our fantasies kicked in, but then the reality of how much it would cost set in.

Back on June 29th of this year, our mouths started watering again

So when we finally accepted the fact that owning the Super Slide Amusement Park was out of the question, June 29th sparked our interests once again:

💰 NEW Price $795,000
The legendary, iconic Super Slide Amusement Park in Bismarck, ND!
☎️ 400-1100 or 426-7782
Contact Darcy & Brandon, "The Fettig Team" at Bianco Realty!

Relax, I figured out the math for you

All you need is like you and 5 others to come with just over $132,000 EACH and congratulations - time to rename your very own amusement park!!! Any thoughts?

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