With all the choices available today, you can have limited options to taste great beer due to life and time constraints. Some of those options include becoming buddies with a beer geek or getting a beer app.  This article is about the latter.

LatelyBeer Apps have become the way to go, having endless libraries of beer styles and pairing ideas.

Here's a number of different free Beer apps you can get to make you at least sound like a beer connoisseur:

BEX Cellar: The Beer Exchange. A great app if you ARE a beer geek and you are looking to trade Russian Imperial Stouts with other geeks like yourself. This is a pretty common practice in the beer world.

Pairwise: This app is perfect for the food pairing aspect of craft beer. The app will pair food with beer as well as beer with food. It has a massive library of beers to choose from.

Beer adventures: This app allows you to search for places in your city where you can have great beer. It locates where you are, then sends you suggestions one after another on where you need to go to get that great beer in your town. It's like your own personal bar crawl. 

Beer menus: This app helps you find the beer you are looking for in bars and breweries located in your area. It's a must-have for people who like certain beers. 

These can be very helpful, plus, who knows after using these for a while you might eventually become a beer geek. 


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