This whole idea actually came from Kori B (from our sister station Hot 97.5). She and I have a weekly tradition. Every weekday morning, around 10:00 am, we walk outside our Townsquare Media radio station, and head over to Cenex across the street. Memorial Highway is where we broadcast from, Cenex is where the coffee is. Those of you that travel down this road daily know that it can be quite busy. There are two lanes headed in each direction. Now, most people when they see us drift over to the middle lane, come to a stop, the dangerous thing is that someone in the other lane might not be too hip on that idea.

I blame the other employees in our building

Here is the deal, nobody in our building drinks coffee on a regular basis, therefore no coffeemaker, pot, or even ONE cup. I'm pretty sure that if I send over a request for such items to be on the budget for next year, our Townsquare Media business office in Bismarck might just reject it on the principle that I am some kind of prima donna.

A fantastic idea that I am all for it

Kori made a simple suggestion, that a crosswalk should be right in front of our studios - I completely understand that there will be those people out there that will just shake their head and not care one bit, BUT I believe they will be of the minority- so with that, here are 4 reasons WHY there should be a crosswalk HERE In Mandan.

4 Reasons WHY We NEED A Crosswalk Here In Mandan


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