Today is October 9th - the weather is already ghoulishly cooling down  -

We will see the temps in the high 50s this whole week, and we are already seeing visible signs of the arrival of pumpkins! The great tradition of sitting down with your family and displaying all of your creative talents with a knife. This is WHY October is my favorite month of the year - all the stores in the Bismarck and Mandan areas are all stocked with candy - the kids getting pumped for Trick Or Treat. Can you remember the very first time you had a pumpkin in front of you? You had an idea of what yours should look like when you finish, but it's not that easy!

So maybe this year you can try and carve your pumpkin in the image of Taylor Swift

Hey, why not? That's the whole fun of it. Just have a garbage can handy for all the messy pumpkin guts, and start hacking away. Remember though, YOUR pumpkin will be out on YOUR front porch greeting all the young ghosts and goblins on Halloween night - so put your best foot, umm, pumpkin forward. This is the magic of October 31st, with candles all lit, and pumpkins smiling, grinning, and even frowning at you - it's all up to you and your artistic talents. Here are 6 Tips For Carving The Best Pumpkin In BisMan:

6 Tips For Carving The Best Pumpkin In Bismarck

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6 Tips For Carving The Best Pumpkin In Bismarck

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