I'm all about our military and the men and women who have served in the past and who wear a uniform now - A thousand times over my appreciation for your dedication and service to our country, a sacrifice that should never be taken lightly. This story says it all about recognizing what once soared through the wide-open skies for years, then set aside in a nice cozy place to rest/retire. According to KFYRTV, a grisly old B-52 is now back in business.

A 1960-model B-52 nicknamed "Wise Guy" has been nestled in an Air Force "Boneyard" in Arizona since 2008 - to keep up with changing force standards. "Wise Guy" has never been forgotten, just simply tucked away, to look at and remember all the times the plane served our country. Now just because the B-52 was at a stand-still, that doesn't mean it was going to collect cobwebs -  Chief Master Sgt. Ryan Thompson, 69th Aircraft Maintenance Unit superintendent said that when the planes are in storage, there is an entire group of people who still make inspections, and keep up with constant servicing, making sure that everything is well taken care of - so much so, that "Wise Guy" is coming back!

Check this out, The 1960 beauty is landing at Minot after two years in maintenance to get back into service. “It’s incredible, honestly, because how often does a plane come back from the boneyard, dead, getting resurrected here" said Senior Airman Miguel Contreras, assistant dedicated crew chief.

Wise Guy is the second B-52 to be recovered from the “Boneyard.”


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