Social Media is incredible, it can be annoying, intriguing, and it can cause people to try and shut it off completely - AND it can be beautiful. Such as what happened today here in Bismarck. Bismarck's People Reporting News ( BPRN ) a popular Facebook group had this posted:

Anybody want to perform a Christmas miracle for my oldest daughter and her boyfriend! She got her own place and the furnance is no longer with us! We are mourning the loss because she has several animals and ost of them are puppies and kittens. Their system is so old that it would cost us more money to repair it then to just replace the whole thing. They are just starting out she is finishing school and he just started at cloverdale. They are filling out for assistance for heating but we know how long that can take. I know times are tough and I’ve been unable to help other than try and go over and oil bearings and help restart furnance. I’ve reached out before and everyone did what they could to help us figure out how to get it going again but the system is from the 70’s and just needs to be replaced. So if anyone can help with replacement and we can work out a payment plan or whatever we can do to help you. We have knowledge in carpentry and some other handyman repairs or the kids can come on their days off and help you with errands or clean shops to work it off. Right now we are desperate. Thanks again and God bless!
Being it’s Christmas, we at Bismarck Heating and Air would offer to replace the furnace for you. We will not charge for the furnace, just the labor and we can come up with a plan for payments for you as well. We do a ton of free system giveaways every year (veterans, folks down on hard times, totally random selections), but with COVID we haven’t been able to do as many as we’d like this year.
My grandfather, Tom Kambeitz Sr. (the founder of Bismarck Heating and Air) just recently passed from COVID and this is something he would of been all over. We try to make him proud.
Give Bismarck heating and Air a call at 223-2338 and leave a message for Mike Kambeitz. We will then get in touch with you.
Merry Christmas!!
                                    So listen, try not and stress on the material things this season brings you - There are people with HUGE hearts just waiting to share with someone in need of a MIRACLE.

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