I have been here almost a year, I arrived last year shortly before COVID-19 started its path of destruction. I am from San Diego, California, lived there most of my life until I ventured out to Fargo, North Dakota almost seven years ago. Quite a change in weather obviously and adapting to things that never occurred to me - for instance, when I first started driving through the streets of West Fargo, all I heard was "Do you have a survival kit in your car?" A what?  "You know, blankets, water, ladder, blowtorch, cat litter, extra clothes, etc"  I soon found out that you get stranded in some ditch during whiteout conditions, no joke, you can die.

After surviving Fargo for just over a year, I moved to Minot, no longer a rookie when the weather turned frigid. After about 5 years, relocated to Bismarck. Here are some of the things I have found that stand alone - if you have car trouble, and you are on the side of the road, you'll have about 50 people pull over within 5 minutes seeing if they can be of any help. NORTH DAKOTA NICE - I experienced that big-time over the holidays, my upstairs neighbors ( Mary Ann and Rick ) found out that I was alone on Christmas - so a knock on my door produced about 4 or 5 plates full of turkey with the trimmings, veggies, fruit, dessert, and other goodies. That gesture was what this town is all about for me - the people. One such young lady, Natalie Ann from the band Frantic Anarchy is a perfect example of someone who lives each day with a smile and loving entertaining people on stage in Mandan, and Bismarck. There is generally always something to do involving our city - like the virtual 7th annual Santa Run not long ago. Our Dakota Zoo, which is STILL open Friday thru Sunday, offers up a great way to bring the whole family out and see what's happening. Here is a huge part, to me that is what makes Bismarck special, on social media we have Bismarck's People Reporting News - a great way to express yourself and even receive help from local heroes - like Bismarck Heating and Air.

So my answer to my own question is, the people, without a doubt,


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