We live in Bismarck, North Dakota - we are a part of the United States Of America - that's a fact. For the most part, Americans can speak their mind.

That is one of the privileges we have living in this country, you have a right to express yourself and never have there been so many social media platforms to deliver your message. Bismarck and Mandan have had some volatile situations involving crime this past year - A terrible hit and run in Mandan, a murder ( shooting ) at an apartment parking lot, and in May a suspect that had reportedly stolen a motor vehicle fired his gun at a Bismarck officer ( who returned fire ) and barricaded himself inside a trailer where he was found dead.

A post on Bismarck's People Reporting News ( BPRN ) expressed his views on our local police department and what our city is doing about mental health

This was what I was writing about earlier, Tanner Germain felt his right to express his concern for our Bisman police departments, here is what he wrote:

"Hey, bismarck pd where's the body cam footage?
Please stop making statements to the public for the media to narrate before any footage has been released.
Enough is enough. How many mentally ill struggling people are we going to let them kill?
A little community action would be nice right about now. Bad people don't exist! Stop trying to use the media to convince everyone they do.
Bothers me that more people don't see these horrible patterns and the social injustices going on and absolutely nothing has been done about it.
I still have the article saved where the bismarck tribune said that Bismarck Mandan would be putting together a mental health crisis dispatch team. Where is it? Clearly, they could save lives by better communicating and conflict resolution vs being executed"

How was his message received?

Well as you can expect Tanner received his share of negative comments, and when I talked to him on the phone that day I was honest and said how I feel -  "Walk A Mile In Someone Else's Shoes" - that's really all I would say, because I didn't want him to feel that my point of this article was to tell him I think he is false in his beliefs that our police department doesn't care. I respect Tanner for having the guts to be honest with his opinions, for that's what our country is all about, however, I want to make it perfectly clear that anyone who denies just how tough it must be to be in law enforcement that they  "Walk A Mile In Someone Else's Shoes"


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