I came into work this morning, and the very first thing I saw on Facebook caught my eye "I found some cash today - if you lost some let me know how much, denominations, bank envelope, or holder it would have been in and possible location where you may have lost it"  The post was in Bismarck's People Reporting News (BPRN) - The gentleman's name who wrote that - Mark Foster. The very first thing that popped into my mind was "I need to get a hold of this man"

No, the money was not mine, I wanted to pick the brain of an honest man, someone that would take the time and effort to FIND the person who lost the money. I tracked him down, small world, he and I have a mutual friend on FB. Mark called me, I asked him simple questions, and I received answers that were full of integrity. He found the cash yesterday, immediately surveyed the scene, thought about leaving it with some workers at the business, but chose to make SURE he would find the owner. "Did you for a second, think about keeping the $ for yourself" Without hesitation, he replied with a firm "NO".

You see the money (no matter how much or little he found) was not going to change Mark's life one bit -"What if someone needed to pay an electric bill with it?" 

Here is my favorite part of the whole story, Mark told me without my even asking him this, that if the lost money is never claimed, he and his wife would buy some groceries with it, and deliver it to the Welcome House - a wonderful place that serves the homeless individuals and families in Bismarck.

I received a message from Mark about an hour ago - "I received a call from a gal claiming the money , sounds legit , I am having my wife make arrangements with her to return her money to her"

In Social Media these days, people are extremely quick to point out the negative things, to try and hurt people with their words. Mark stood tall and wrote a simple post earlier hoping for the best, and now it appears that he will accomplish what he set out to do. I hope that anyone out there will find this true story inspiring. I end with this, he is a perfect role model for ALL of us.


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