UPDATE: A new person has taken over BPRN. They reached out to inform me that the page was not for sale. I did inform the person that the page's former owner had told me via Facebook messenger that the page was, in fact, up for sale at the time we spoke.

What happened to the "Bismarck's People Reporting News" Facebook page?

If you go to the Facebook page "Bismarck's People Reporting News," you were probably a little heartbroken earlier this week to find out that the page is paused. And did you catch the reason the page is "on a break"?

The creator of BPRN is looking for someone to take over the page.

The creator of "Bismarck's People Reporting News," Lisa Albitre, posted that she is going away from social media and that the page is up for someone to take over. Otherwise, the page will disappear along with its owner. The chance to take over BPRN is up for grabs and the time is winding down for someone to take over.

If no one takes over BPRN soon, the page will disappear.

The page's creator posted on October 5, 2021, that there would be a seven-day window for someone to take over the over 28,000-person group. So, I inquired about taking over the page. And guess what? The page is actually up for sale!

When I messaged Albitre about her page, I got a reply stating that she had an overwhelming response for people wanting to take over BPRN. She also told me that the page is up for sale. I replied, asking her how much she was selling it for. At the time of this post, I had not received a reply about the cost.

Will someone pay to take over "Bismarck's People Reporting News" or will it disappear forever in a few days' time?

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