Heads up Bismarck, your help is needed! We have a future star in our city, and she is currently in a serious Cat-Fight with her competition. Earlier today on Bismarck's People Reporting News Dana Volesky posted this:  We can make a ND kitty newsworthy. I entered Lily our rescue cat into America's Favorite Pet and she keeps advancing! So we would appreciate it if you could click on the link and give her a  vote..you can vote every 24 hours! Thanks everyone!

I was able to reach Dana this afternoon, and I want to tell you a few things about this fine feline - back in November, on Furry Friends Rockin Rescue FB page, Dana fell in love. Rhoda was up for adoption, having been saved off the interstate. Dana put her name on a LONG list, and then waited, and waited. This is the hardest part, hoping that you get that call, trying not to think of the disappointment if your phone never rang - But it did! After about four weeks Volesky was going to have one more beating heart in her house. Sure didn't take long until the cat was renamed Lily (fitting her personality to purrr-fection) A 5-month old four-legged supermodel was now running the show, demanding that she be entered into America's Favorite Pet contest. On February 2nd, Lily's mission began. In this fierce competition, you need to be in the top percent of each round to advance - She hasn't just scraped by, no, she has clawed her way through the first 3 rounds ALWAYS at the top. SO this is where WE all need to band together in support, and VOTE. The finals are March 19th and the winners (There is one for the dogs, and of course for the cats) will be announced on March 25th. WHEN Lily Conquers All, the prize is $5,000 - no doubt her demands will be made for a cat-tree made from 24 karat gold, and 9 lives worth of catnip.

For now, Dana is trying to take care of her celebrity, and her needs - "She gets whatever she wants WHEN she wants"  Here is where you can go and cast YOUR VOTE!


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