Want to make sure of something, we still LIVE in North Dakota, right? "North Dakota NICE" remember?  According to KFYRTV, some Bismarck residents are being attacked, harassed through anonymous letters for flying flags in their front yards. Now, WHY is this happening? Simply because citizens had been displaying their freedom to express their political views - many residents have actually had to resort to enhancing security measures to protect their safety. “I installed the security cameras after the flag was torn down and after I got the letter, There was a sentence in there that said, this is just a start, so that concerned me,”  Doug Haux.

These cowardly letters are downright vicious, one of them was so vulgar, that it was impossible to show any of the so-called content ( FILTH ) on the news. The cameras that Haux had installed already captured a group of people trying to run off with his political flag.

Then there is Kimberly Ann, standing tall and telling all of us North Dakotans that she has been a target of faceless, gutless haters. Those that condemn others for their RIGHT to express themselves, peacefully, legally as well - Here is what Kimberly posted on Bismarck's People Reporting News ( BPRN ) today :

"I wanted to follow-up to the post made the other day regarding stolen flags and harassing notes in the Highland Acres area. Additionally, to fill in some gaps for some of you. I didn’t report back in August when I received the cards because felt it wasn’t worth my effort. However, now multiple people have been harassed. I had a small Trump sign in MY yard in August BEFORE the election. I received this first card in which I initially laughed off at such a fool that would waste their time sending this...in addition I really don’t care about your opinion on my political views"
               Shame on you, for those that try to scare off others and make them feel threatened, uncomfortable to live among invisible terrorists ( and that's what you are ).
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