Today is Giving Hearts Day - a 24-hour fundraising event for charities in North Dakota & Minnesota with the goal of helping nonprofits raise money. What's not to love about this? I started thinking to myself that sometimes through a random comment, whether it be in conversation or something I read, that people, in general, feel that they can't make much of a difference in a stranger's life. I strongly disagree.

Social media is a powerful thing, we voice our opinions on politics, should we or should we not have to wear a mask, AND we let out our frustrations, our anger - when those 2 elements are rolled into one and are used to berate a stranger through Facebook or wherever it becomes a festering pot just boiling with hate and negativity. Living in Bismarck, we have Bismarck's People Reporting News (BPRN), and on this group page, YOU can make a difference in someone's life. Excellent examples of just everyday people in our city reaching out for others to see, and help one another in difficult times: "I am parked over at the sanford 7th and tosser clinic. There is an elderly man with a flat tire, and looks like he needs help, it's so cold. Please can someone help him. Giving hearts month. I wish I could help, but I am not able"  - After four hours of when that message was posted this morning, there are already 101 comments. 

This is the strength of people who care, complete strangers that will stop whatever they are doing and offer assistance. The VERY good outweigh the few bad in the (BPRN).


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