Wow, a lot of things have changed since last Easter. The one thing that rings true, is that Easter is a christain holiday. A traditional time when people celebrate their faith. That's one thing I haven't heard too much of, during this coronavirus tragedy-bouts of frustration, anger-  "Why god is this happening?"

I am quite surprised for most people's attitudes, taking all of these earth shattering life adjustments quite calmly. The discouraging factors are many. The death toll keeps rising, unemployment sky rocketing. What is there for us to stay positive about? Well for those that still have family members, I know with all of these "STAY AT HOME" orders, nerves are all on edge big time.People feel cramped, inside their homes, walls closing in etc. Take time to take a deep breath, and appreciate one another, and hold on to each other this weekend. To my mom and dad, high up in the heavens above, love you both. Happy Easter!

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