One thing can be said about this year, nothing can be taken for granted anymore. After all, who would have thought we would have people wearing masks on a daily basis? The coronavirus has disrupted everything - from our economy taking a major hit, to people losing their lives. As we are trying to get back to semi-normal ways, yet another horrific act of police brutality captured on video. From something, we have TRIED to understand - the virus - to another incident that's IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend. What took place on Memorial Day, has led to a country facing the same issue, "Why does this keep happening?"  A white police officer showing absolutely zero emotion, killing a black handcuffed civilian. The protests have continued, the crowds bearing down on the lines of defense - police, national guard. A boiling pot of emotions, fear, anger has resulted in fires, destruction, looting, and more lives have been lost.

Last Saturday, in Fargo, one of their own, Deputy Police Chief Todd Osmundson was seen marching with the crowd, A "Black Lives Matter" protest. The INFORMER reported that several people observed the off-duty officer walking with others, holding a can of beer, and yelling "F*** the police". Osmundson said later that he was "working undercover", however, he did not have permission to do so. If his intentions were to help in any way possible, that was not how other on-duty officers looked at it. Todd was placed on unpaid leave. Yesterday an emotional statement was made from a man who had faced a dilemma - to voice his own opinion and risk uncertain repercussions, or to remain silent. Here is the result of his actions 




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