A reporter in the media world, whether it be radio or television, faces real life triump, everyday struggles, and stares at death-either through a plane crash, or a murder. They are taught to be as neutral as possible, to bring out the facts, and statistics that WE want to know about. They go through a slow news day ( interviewing a cat stuck up in a tree ), or on the flip side, they find themselves on a breaking news story covering a grisly crime scene. I can't imagine how difficult it is, for these men and women, when their day is done, to "Not take their work home with them".

This reporter is on the biggest story of his whole career, heck is whole life is on the line, literally. CNN journalist Chris Cuomo takes US upclose and extremely personal with the murderous coronavirus. He describes the agony, the pain, so vividly of what it's like to be infected with it, because HE tested positive for it . Along with his wife Christina, he is fighting for his life, and has taken our breath away with his battle. He STILL is doing what he was born to do, in his basement, giving us the REAL news, the REAL coronavirus. You want inspiration, click here.




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