This is an interesting topic, I've spoken to several people about this, and most have the same opinion

Two things are certain, we are ALL human, AND we all make mistakes, you can't argue about that. Here is the deal, I am aware that the title of this story could be considered overdramatic, however, it's pretty blanket simple - "A Second Chance In Life Here In Bismarck And Mandan"  as in employment. I remember last year someone on the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook Page shared a post of the question of felons finding work here in town.

I never gave it that much thought before today...

...but is it difficult to find a job if you are a convicted felon? I won't repeat some of the comments that followed a post from earlier, but I was extremely impressed with how many people were positive, and encouraging - there were a few that expressed their concerns on fears of their children "Running into a felon, or felons, at a business in town..." - many replies back to that was once again, "PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES" - and "You would be surprised that felons are everywhere, at your church, at the Mall, your next door neighbor..."

If you do find yourself curious, you can search Google and see a fairly long list of local businesses that provide employment

My opinion is that providing someone with a safe environment, to help you get back on your feet is truly admirable, and it's awesome to see just how many places in town are Willing To Give Someone A Second Chance In Life Here In Bismark and Mandan


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