You may not even be aware of it at first

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word "Stalker"? For me, it's someone who just won't leave someone alone, either through e-mails, text messages, or phone calls...heck social media can be a playground for all the different ways someone can plague a person of their desire. I haven't even brought up today's technology - which is extremely scary.

Cameras and microphones can be hidden almost anywhere

So many things we unfortunately take for granted, such as feeling safe in a tanning booth. A place for you to be 100% private, to relax, and have no fear...of someone watching you. Last year Bismarck had a nightmare become reality when 46-year-old Layton Kessler was arrested and eventually charged with four counts of surreptitious intrusion - misdemeanors. He hid a recording device inside a speaker in a room ( he has pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing this week )  - besides the crimes, Layton was also accused, but not charged, of stalking one of the victims.

What can you do if you feel you are being stalked?

First, take notes and save all e-mails, text messages,  and other harassment. File a police report, don't hesitate, especially if you feel you are in danger, and you'll be able to tell if things are getting out of control. According to  "According to North Dakota statute, an act of stalking is defined as "intentional conduct" meant to "frighten, intimidate, or harass" another person that happens at least two different times. While a first offense is charged as a misdemeanor, and repeat offenses are charged as a Class C felony" - If your gut feeling is that your stalker is becoming a serious problem, then make sure you act on it - most times a stalker is just a major nuisance, but I would protect myself and others as best I could.

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