Open letter to THE person/persons that are oblivious to any consideration for others

I'm ready to lose it, I am. Here in Bismarck, I live in a three-story apartment building. I got really lucky when just over 4 years ago I moved from Minot to Bismarck to this place sight unseen. Sure I saw pictures on their website and asked a few questions like "How far will I be from Mandan?" ( where I was hired )  - what's the neighborhood like? Obvious simple questions. I live in a nice place and the building is somewhat quiet and very clean - HOWEVER, in the last week or so some person, or people have completely snubbed their noses to their neighbors - ME. I'm talking about SMOKING cigarettes INSIDE!

Has this situation ever happened to you?

I hate to be a "stick in the mud" - a "buzzkill" if you will - but did you know that for one thing, it's against the law to smoke indoors? Check it out -according to breathend.comNorth Dakota's smoke-free law prohibits smoking in most indoor public places, including common areas of apartment buildings, such as hallways, laundry rooms, recreation/common rooms, lobbies, and similar types of areas as well as 20 feet from public entrances..." So my questions are simple - "WHY do you think it's okay to smoke INSIDE your unit?"  - "Do you ever wonder if YOUR smoke would bother other people in your apartment building?" I'll tell you, nothing irks me more than people who only think about themselves - and this is a perfect example.

To be fair, I've only had to report "Indoor smokers" twice in my building

The company that I rent from is the best - I dealt with IMM in Minot for like 3 years, and I have been with IMM Bismarck for 4 years this month - I don't get a kick out of trying to get people in trouble - BUT I get more frustrated with the sheer ignorance displayed by some people. By the way, it's not like it's minus 7,000 degrees outside - put on an extra jacket and smoke outside...PLEASE. Thank you

**** A simple polite text was sent out...

"Residents: Just a reminder that there is no smoking allowed in the building of any kind at any time. If you notice the smoke smell coming from a unit please report it to the office. Thanks!"



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