A Halloween weekend - a tradition we all know and love

There will be parties all around town this weekend in Bismarck and Mandan. Adults, and college ages all dressed up - and then Halloween night - Tuesday -The tradition of kids roaming around the neighborhoods as a scary goblin or a miniature Batman, with one goal in mind, "Trick or Treat..." and candy galore. Ever since I was young, I planned my Halloween route for weeks, armed with a big old empty pillow case, I would set out with a few friends and take to the streets like there was a competition involved, see how much candy I could collect. One thing that seems to have stayed the same is the Porch Pirates. Not cute ones with a parrot on their shoulder either. Bowls of candy will be taken, and whatever is left on the porch as well. However these days ALMOST every home has a 24-hour watching eye - a porch camera.

Taking advantage of trusting nice people is nothing new

So beware if your whole intent is to cause havoc. Here is part of what someone wrote on the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook Page last season:

"If your older kids (middle or high school) were in NW Bismarck tonight, you may need a word with them about respect and theft. Stole the bowl of candy (including the bowl!) and a bag of dog treats which I hope they ate. And if you’re not smart enough to realize you’re on camera, it’s pretty easy to track you down a couple of blocks away ‍♀️ happily I retrieved my bowl, and the boys got a piece of my mind about respect"

Just another typical Halloween night is just days away

As always your number one priority should be safety - try and avoid wearing black - hard for motorists to see you, and save your arm for baseball, not for throwing eggs or toilet paper.

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