GettyImages-Ed Zurga
GettyImages-Ed Zurga

Yes America's pastime is still Baseball even though American's game is Football ( then again watch out NFL) So around this time of year is a good time to put on the radio or the TV and lazy out to the sounds of baseball. 

As we get closer to summer and the Hockey playoffs and NBA Playoffs are done. Baseball takes center stage. As you turn your attention to the Twinkies, I figured I'd give you a layman's opinion of the baseball landscape that might help the transition a little better.


Here are four powerhouse teams  The Yankees ( hate them )  The RedSox, the Angels, and Mariners. Looks like the Yanks and  Redsox will be there until the end because both teams are pretty deep on both sides of the ball with the Yankees weakness being their pitching again this year.

Angles and Mariners look to duke it out all season but judging by history, and the fact that they have Mike Trout, the Angels might pull ahead in the end. It would be good to see Seattle get one though, it's been soo long for those guys to get any playoff action and James Paxton is dealing. So interesting that they're winning without Robinson Cano who is serving out an 80 gamer for Peds.

The Twinkies are dealing with injuries right now but are still in reach for the division, especially if Cleveland continues to spit the bit night after night. With talent like that, Cleveland should have the division wrapped up already Houston Astros style. The Fact that they haven't is good news for Minnesota especially if they get healthy quick.

I think it's gonna be a good Season with great storylines in the MLB. Can't wait to see who will be in this year's pennant race.

Now If you'll excuse me I'm going to get a Beer and Check out a Lark's game tonight :)

I'll cover the national league tomorrow. 

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