Even if you have never met Josh Duhamel face to face, your instincts tell you what a great person he is...

...it's the same way I feel when I see actor Keanu Reeves ( they both have that comfortable, genuine look  )  The stories you hear people say about how down-to-earth Josh is, and easily approachable are very accurate. He is well known for doing what he can to give back to the community,  for instance back in 2011 when his hometown of Minot, North Dakota experienced some major flooding, he came back to visit the damaged home he grew up in - Josh used his celebrity status to help others, to raise money for the city. Recently married to a North Dakota native Audra Mari, Josh takes pride in being just "an average guy" - he loves the outdoors, and roots for his favorite sports teams ( Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings ), most importantly though his heart is pure, and he steps up all the time to help people.

You can do your part and help alongside Josh, AND maybe WIN yourself a NEW ride

See what I told you about Josh and the Vikings? There he is, SKOL - Here is what he had to say just recently on his Facebook page:

"I am so excited to be giving you all the chance to win a 2023 fully loaded Cadillac Escalade and $20k cash! Donations will fund the enhancement of the Casey O’Brien Team One-Four Infusion Center at @mhfvchildrens – where children spend many hours receiving various cancer treatments. Go to ALLTROO.COM/JOSH to enter and support these resilient kids."

Josh Duhamel Facebook

Josh Duhamel - A pretty awesome guy!


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