Today the world lost another music icon, Charlie Daniels passed away the age of 83, suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. Whatever kind of music you are in to, Daniels music easily is heard in almost every juke-box on this planet. A member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Charlie, and his band The Charlie Daniels Band leaped into a creative "rock sound" with "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" released back in 1979. The smash-hit enthralled us all with a cunning duel with the devil and Johnny. The unforgettable slashing sound of his violin played a huge part, and 41 years later still stirs up emotion. The incredible thing about music is, that regardless of what genre, young or old, mutual respect by everyone in the music business is displayed at a time when one of their own passes away. A multi-talented gifted instrumentalist delighted crowds from southern rock, country, and bluegrass venues. Some of the rock folks he played alongside, Marshall Tucker Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan. Charlie grew up in North Carolina and had an interesting musical upbringing - some gospel, the bluegrass scene was heavy in his town - a master on the guitar, fiddle, banjo, and mandolin. Charlie was destined to perform. One of the keys to his success though was his love for our country. A good amount of his songs were filled with patriotism, he let everyone know that the United States is the greatest country in the world. Daniels became an instant hero to those that were unfamiliar to his genius work when in 1980, he came out with a song titled In America, his response to the Iranian hostage crisis. No doubt Charlie will have his violin with him when he jams with all of the other lost musicians. R.I.P Charlie Daniels. For more on this story click here.



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