There are many people who will never give up until pot is made legal

Ahh, the fight continues for North Dakota to join the ranks of many states across the country that have relaxed their laws and views on legalized recreational marijuana. When I last lived in San Diego, California, there was no such thing as a store you could just walk in ( like a speedy mart ) and buy some pot for your own consumption. That was just 8 years ago. Now just like alcohol, all you have to do is show ID to prove you are of legal age ( 21 years old ), and these places are called a "Dispensary" - and no medical card is needed.

"Close but no cigar" ( or pipe in this case )

The fight goes on in North Dakota to get recreational marijuana legalized, and this group out in Fargo - New Approach North Dakota - is hoping to accomplish its goal. According to the campaign manager, Dave Owen had this to say “The question today is not do you support or do you oppose recreational marijuana, that question will come later. The question today we have is should people have the right to vote on recreational marijuana and I think those are two fundamentally different questions that people don’t understand,”  This isn't the first time anyone has tried to legalize pot in North Dakota.

The smell of a legal pot campaign in ND has been swirling around since at least 2018

"This effort stems all the way back to 2018. It’s a continuation that was inspired by a house bill relating to the personal use of marijuana" reported. Here is the problem, the bill passed but never made it to the house.

Their target date...

Is to get this on the November ballot. Then they will need a certain amount of signatures on a petition for any hope of future legal cannabis activities. Will we ever see this happen?

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