Are you starting to feel that life as we used to know it is almost back in full swing? Businesses are open, more and more people are allowed into sporting events across the country, and here in Bismarck, we are seeing forward progress towards complete normalcy. Remember how frustrating it felt that so many of us were literally stuck at home - some able to work, others just trying to stay positive, AND some were thinking about the near future. According to KFYRTV Bismarck, Mandan is seeing big-time activity involving the construction of new homes. The pandemic it seems has motivated a "Building Boom"

The owner of Aspire Homes in Mandan, Greg Meidinger said that before we got hit with COVID-19, he was building four to five homes a year - here we are almost in March and that number has doubled. That's amazing. One of the home buyers mentioned just how "painless" Meidinger and his crew have made it. Lori Frank and her family were planning on a new home even before the pandemic struck, but not everyone in the Bismarck/Mandan area had the same goal. Greg has a theory that while so many people were quarantined and forced to stay at home, the thought process may have set in that they might as well prepare to move ahead and build. The timing seemed right. “Low-interest rates. People are taking advantage of that. They’re finding they can get more home for their money or afford more homes,” he added.

Lastly, here is the incredible thing, Meidinger said he hasn’t seen new home construction grow this fast since the oil boom back in 2012 to 2015. 



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