I know the plan is to add more schools to the Bismarck-Mandan area but are we still going to be limited on space for the kids or do we need to be looking at a much bigger picture??  Check out the new enrollments this year compared to last year and make your own judgment call!

One hundred and sixty-seven more students have registered at Mandan Public Schools than were in attendance on the first day of school last year, a 5.2 percent increase. The number is more than double what a demographer predicted last year.

As of 8:41 a.m. Monday, a total of 404 more students had enrolled in Bismarck Public Schools compared with the number of students in the district on the first day of school last year.

In the past two years, 637 students have been added to the district.

With the growth we are seeing in the area, if there aren’t changes made soon…the students and teachers will suffer.

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