In the latest story involving school violence, a principal in California was slammed to the ground by a student, while he attempted to break up a fight, and it was all caught on tape.

The video above, courtesy of KTXL in Sacramento, shows Florin High School principal Don Ross attempting to get in the middle of a fight taking place in the cafeteria.

Instead of stopping the fight, though, Ross ends up getting picked up and slammed to the ground by one of the students.

Ross then gets right back up, jumps back into the middle of the melee, and manages to subdue the student, which allows the school's resource officer to come in and get involved.

Three students were arrested after the incident, including a 13-year old and a 15-year old. Two of the students were charged with battery, according to KTXL.

This incident comes hot on the heels of another video hitting the internet, showing a school resource officer pulling a student out of her desk and throwing her to the classroom floor. That officer has since been fired.

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