Headlines to an article are never pleasant when it pertains to North Dakota consumers ( You and I ) money

As for myself, that's the first thing that captured my attention. According to bismarcktribune "North Dakota Republican officials on Tuesday denounced the Biden administration's wide-ranging plan to reduce methane edmissions, saying it will harm the energy industry and drive up home heating costs for consumers" This plan of course was not devised purely for raising costs in our monthly bills, there is another reason for it.

The federal plan is for the hope that this will be of significant help to our world

Ok, now that you saw the above sentence, are we ready to take a couple of seconds and explore more into this before we tear our hair out? Environmental groups are applauding this possible new proposal, for the methane reduction brings hope that it will slow the rate of global warming. Several examples of local climate changes were brought up, such as the ongoing drought and wildfires in our state due to the lack of rain. Methane is the main component of natural gas.

Gov. Doug Burgum has a different way to address methane emissions

bismarcktribune added that North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum believes that the way to address this issue "is through innovation, not redundant and burdensome regulations that will only drive energy production overseas where it is produced less cleanly and efficiently.”

Obviously, a proposal like this is not going to make everybody happy

The key to this is how much extra money would North Dakotans have to spend monthly for home heating costs? Nobody likes an increase in their bills, however, if this is the right direction to take towards challenging global warming, then it's well worth it.

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