It's that time of year again, the great fall tradition ( The surefire sign that winter is here )

Sadly the summer is long behind us, what seems like just yesterday when the sun was still around late and you walked around in almost 100-degree weather. So what is it exactly that assures you we are in the fall season? Maybe, for one thing, no more bike rides on the weekend. Could that be it? No, the first tip that Mother Nature could be getting ready to turn frigid starts this Wednesday.

From December 1st all the way until March 31st (That's a grand total of 121 days by the way ) plan on making definite arrangements, or your wallet could get a lot lighter

Once again, it's that time of year when you need to abandon what you have been doing all summer long. According to the bismarcktribune "The Bismarck Police Department is reminding residents that it is illegal to park boats, campers, trailers and motor homes on city streets in residential areas between Dec. 1 and March 31" Now the title of my article makes sense, right? You knew this was coming though. There is a fellow co-worker who told me all about this, and I was unaware of it,  I've been living in North Dakota for over seven years. For the many that this story pertains to, you also know that this can be expensive if you don't act on this pretty quickly.

"OUCH" as in $ $ $ $

Here is one last simple reminder of WHY you need to comply and move all of your toys. bismarcktribune reports "Owners in violation of the city ordinance could be fined $150 per day..."


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