A Bismarck police officer has been placed on administrative leave following an incident this past week

Just to let you know right off the bat, I am always going to be supportive of our local police departments here in Bismarck and Mandan, I think without a shadow of a doubt that they have the toughest job anywhere. The men and women take an oath to protect our city, and when they patrol the streets, the "Unknown" is always going to be out there. With incidents in the past of trouble involving police officers and their treatment of suspects ( in several cities around the country ), more patrol officers and police cars are equipped with video cameras, so hopefully, every movement is recorded.

One of the most obvious moments of danger is when a suspect fails to comply with an officer's commands

Put yourself in a police officer's shoes for just a second, if YOU were trying to question an individual that was acting strangely, who began walking away from you, and NOT obeying your commands, wouldn't that make you a little uneasy? According to a Bismarck Police Department press release yesterday:

The Bismarck Police Department has placed an officer on administrative leave today and referred a complaint of excessive use of force to the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (ND BCI).
Bismarck Police responded to the area of 24th St and E Main Ave shortly before 8:00 p.m. Thursday regarding a male standing in the middle of the street. While investigating the situation, the 63-year-old Bismarck man walked away from the officer after being ordered to stop. The initial responding officer attempted to detain the 63-year-old man, and the individual began displaying aggressive behavior and did not allow the officer to detain him. Force had to be utilized to gain control of the man, and eventually, he was taken into custody.
Bismarck Police administrators were notified that excessive force may have been utilized to take the man into custody and immediately began an internal investigation"

That's all we know so far, which leads to the question I posed in the title of this article

What do you think is "excessive use of force" - And how much "Force" are you ALLOWED to use...?


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