The headlines are always tough to believe

I know that there are shootings in other cities across America, but every time I wake up and read of another person dead of a shooting in our town it's still hard to believe. I have always felt since moving to Bismarck almost 4 years ago that we live in a safe community - my traditional smoking a cigar out on my 2nd-floor apartment at night always brings me the sight of someone walking their dog. Sadly more and more incidents like the one we had early this morning have made us more aware of our surroundings.

Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs in South Bismarck

Gunshots early this morning were heard around Kirkwood Mall. Bismarck Police Department's Facebook page posted:

"​A 17-year-old male is dead this morning after an officer-involved shooting took place in the Kirkwood Mall parking lot. Three Bismarck Police Officers were involved, and they were uninjured.
​Around 12:15 am, officers responded to the area around 900 S 3rd St. regarding a report of gunfire in the area. Multiple calls were received regarding the gunfire, and officers were able to determine a shooting took place around Everspring Hotel. That shooting led police to investigate Nicholas Bruington, 17, of Bismarck for allegedly shooting at another juvenile. That juvenile is not believed to be injured.
​Officers conducted a traffic stop around 1:50 am on a vehicle that Bruington was a passenger in, near Scheels in the Kirkwood Mall Parking lot. Bruington had a firearm and did not follow commands. He was shot at by three Bismarck Police Officers. After securing the scene, officers began life-saving measures until he was transported to a local hospital. Bruington was pronounced deceased after arriving there"

If you are out and about late at night, just be more aware of where you are

Once again, it's always best to stay alert when you are out at night.


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