This one easily falls along the side of good old common sense

At one point or another, most of us who drive a vehicle have done this, whether it's legal or not. There are many places in Bismarck and Mandan where you CAN do this without getting a ticket from the police. It's called a U-Turn, like I said before, we all have done it either at a legal traffic light or street corner. I plead guilty to the times I have done it right there in the middle of a two-lane street ( when there are no cars around of course ) - a warning from the Bismarck Police Department - a U-Turn near a school will more than likely get you a ticket.

It's more dangerous when you think about it - your car has a few natural blind spots, and that's all it takes for an accident

The Bismarck Police Department Facebook posted this just recently:

"Did you know???
It is unlawful to do a U-turn near a school? Bismarck City Ordinance Limitations of Turning Around: 12-06-06 #3 states:
A vehicle may not be turned to proceed in the opposite direction on any roadway within three hundred feet of a school.
Not only could you get a fine, but you present a safety risk to pedestrians that you may not see from your vehicle. Please drive safe, especially near our schools!"
Bismarck Police Department Facebook
Bismarck Police Department Facebook


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