Watching the video on social media yesterday only reminded me even more what of Mom used to always say...

..."Hope you're not in the WRONG place at the WRONG time" - and for a brief time late afternoon yesterday, there were several people that found themselves in this predicament. A lazy weekend afternoon here in Bismarck was about to change in seconds.

So there you are driving on the Expressway when you see in your rearview window what appears to be a police chase rapidly gaining on you

Imagine just an ordinary day, you're on your way to the store, you pulled into the same parking lot where you get gas once or twice a month, and then like slow motion a scene you would expect to see only in the movies unravels right in front of you - both of the above scenarios took place, and it was tense.

Here is a joint press release from Bismarck Police and Burleigh County:

"Kyle Johnson, 34, is in custody after an officer-involved shooting in south Bismarck.
On Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 at approximately 6:31 pm, Burleigh County Deputies were in pursuit of a vehicle fleeing at a high rate of speed that was heading towards Bismarck. The vehicle eventually came into Bismarck where Bismarck Police Officers assisted Deputies.
The suspect vehicle eventually stopped in South Bismarck near Ivy Ave/S Washington Street. Johnson exited the vehicle with a handgun and officers fired at the suspect.
Johnson sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital before being booked into the Burleigh Morton Detention Center on charges of Fleeing, Reckless Endangerment, BPD warrant, and an additional felony warrant through Burleigh County for Possession with Intent to Deliver Methamphetamine with a Dangerous Weapon. One officer was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries"

  The safety of people trying to live their own lives ONCE again was the top priority of both agencies

This is the incredible part of what took place yesterday - in all the drama of chasing a dangerous, armed suspect, both Burleigh County Deputies and Bismarck Police did their job to perfection. To apprehend someone who chose to run from the law and put innocent people at risk.

Never take for granted the safety we are provided by our law enforcement

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