No matter how big or small the town is, there are scary individuals who can appear anywhere

The technology we have these days is downright creepy - cameras can be in the smallest sizes and can capture images that could be stored instantly in a computer. Really doesn't matter what the size of the town is, a stalker can be in the shadows anywhere. Invasion of personal privacy is terrifying and can happen almost anywhere. A situation has developed this morning that is an example of what I just talked about.

Bismarck Police were called this morning...

...and earlier this afternoon a media press release followed from the Bismarck Police Department:

Bismarck Police Investigate Suspected Hidden Camera at Planet Fitness


            Bismarck Police Investigators are looking into an incident involving a suspected hidden camera found in a tanning bed at Planet Fitness after a customer located a recording device today during a tanning session.

            Around 10:35 am, officers responded to Planet Fitness to investigate a suspected video recording device found in a tanning bed at Planet Fitness.  A 21-year-old woman reported the device and was able to turn that device over to a Bismarck Police Officer.  It is currently unknown what was recorded on that device, how many people were recorded, and how long that the recordings have taken place.  Investigators are working to access the device to answer those questions.

       Bismarck Police Department considers recording laws to be serious offenses in which an individual’s right to privacy is breached.  As this investigation ensues, detectives will work to identify more potential victims and contact them as they are identified. 


As you can imagine the young lady is terrified - imagine feeling suspicious about a certain someone who has clearly made uncomfortable advancements towards her, yet there weren't any clear signs of physical evidence that he was stalking her - I won't mention her name out of respect - for she was just going about her life - and everything came to an eerie halt today when she discovered what appears to be a small camera hidden in a speaker. Now the investigation begins. I hope this young Bismarck woman will be ok and I'm sorry that she had to go through this.

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