Another week... another successful Bike night!

This week's bike night was filled with Sturgis stories and a lot of pranks. There were some really funny gifts that people were registering to win as well as some gag trivia items they could win. It just seemed though that everyone was trying to pull something over on someone and that led to the atmosphere of mischief.

There was a certain winner that hadn't ever won a prize at bike night but this week she won a curious soap prize that was shaped like a piece of the male anatomy. Pretty funny ... she was probably red for two hours.

Here's what we learned:

  • Unreal Tattoos has some really fun prizes up her sleeve.
  • The Bikers there were pretty good sports.
  • There probably needs to be a music history lesson or two before the next bike night. These guys were struggling over the most basic trivia questions. I'm thinking the beer had something to do with it.
  • Seeing Nips as a Grandfather proves that he lives a double life.
  • Brad the photographer should have a girlfriend by the end of the summer ... if not for trying!

Photos are below:

Bike night 8-14-2019

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