It was another fun night in North Bismarck with tons of bikes and Sturgis stories. 

There were bikers on their way and bikers that have returned, the road stories of the legendary Sturgis rally were definitely top of mind in this weeks edition of bike night.  the weather was beautiful and the bikes were in full force as Wednesday's celebration was rocking all night last night at Sickies Garage.  Here's what we learned this week:

  • The dogs were in the house mainly because the weather was good.  We saw our regular biker dog as always and he was joined by a terrier and a big old English Bulldog.
  • Jim Bauer from Jim Bauer is probably going to win the most consistent sponsor award as he has been there for almost every bike night this year
  • The crowd showed their music knowledge as we did a nice  couple of rounds of music trivia for prizes
  • Bradley showed off his photography skills and you can see that below.

It was another memorable bike night at Sickies Garage and now there are three more weeks until we give away the Extreme sales trailer!

Here are the photos below:

Bike Night Episode 11

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