Here are some workouts that can help you get ready for outdoor season in Bismarck-Mandan.

Even though we got dumped on earlier this week, Spring is right around the corner and that means outdoor activities! As you get older (like me), it gets harder and harder to get into game shape each year, so working out for the purpose of achieving that is very important. Here's a couple of workouts that you can probably use:

  • If your'e looking to shock your system or to just get tougher, try this Fit and Trim Bootcamp from Bismarck Parks and recreation.
  • If you're really looking for an outdoor workout here's an interesting video of a workout on a park bench by the Missouri river the personal trainer is Kristie Renae Fitness.
  • As you get older and you realize that yeah you're not going to play in the NFL, but you still want to stay in shape, here are some functional workout routines you can use for the gym or around the house: Functional Training or this one from Muscle and Fitness.
  • If you decide that you would like to chase Deer on foot when you are hunting this year (crossbow in hand) and you're looking for a CrossFit workout that you can do at home and in the gym you can try this one from:  Men's Fitness CrossFit.
  • Go to the gym to meet people! Here's a group fitness class you can try from Bismarck Parks and Recreation.

Staying in shape is a state of mind and it promotes a healthy body and healthy mind, and as it gets warmer, it just adds to the excitement and anticipation of summer. Plus here in Bismarck Mandan, there are so many things to do outdoor when it gets warm!

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