Are you a fan of the movies? By that, I mean motion pictures! There is nothing like it, walking into a huge theatre with a bucket of popcorn, red vine licorice, and eager anticipation to see a two-hour movie starring your favorite actor or actress - who knows, you may see your next-door neighbor on that same screen one day! There is a Bismarck man looking to shoot his third movie. According to KFYR-TV "Perry Lee is a teacher in Bismarck who moonlights as a filmmaker. He’s passionate about producing movies. Lee is the writer, producer, director, and editor. But his favorite part is seeing the way that the actors contribute to the project as a whole"

This is where local actors will shine!

Like any filmmaker, extras and small roles are needed - either to be in the background or sometimes even a small speaking part - here is where around 50 local actors will get their chance to shine!

Hours can be long, behind the scenes of a movie being shot.

I had a chance a long time ago to be an extra in a goofy horror movie they filmed in San Diego. "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes" was filmed in 1978, and one of the scenes involved a huge crowd right in the parking lot of the stadium - I remember thinking I was going to be discovered, somehow, someway - BUT the only thing I found out is just how long it takes to film one scene. The positioning of the camera angles and such took for what seemed like all day. I freeze-framed those precious moments when the movie eventually came out on DVD, but I never saw myself - oh well, their loss, right?

Our very own Rockin' Rick from US 103.3 just missed out on stardom.

Back when they started filming "Fargo" in 1995, there was a scene that was filmed just outside Grand Forks, and Rick was all set to go, his foot in the Hollywood door, he had one line to speak. Sadly though, due to another obligation, he couldn't participate.

Look for your fellow BisMan residents in “Dakota Rangers III: The Gathering”

KFYR-TV reports that Lee expects his movie to be finished by Thanksgiving. There will then be a free public screening.


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