Whoever said that the "older generation" can't relate to good old fashioned Rob Zombie rock and roll MUST watch this video

Have you ever come across someone at work or in passing, and you hear them say "It's gone VIRAL" ( then you find out like 27 people watched a video of their cat or something like that ). Let's talk about what the word means - viral - some say that it relates to a virus or viruses, but 99% of us immediately think of either a picture or video that explodes on the internet, collecting viewers of enormous numbers - and 27 doesn't qualify.

Well then, how about 2.2 MILLION???

That's how many people ( as of Marck 17th ) worldwide have viewed this grandmother superstar's video. First of all, anybody who goes up on stage to attempt to belt out a tune via the art of karaoke, whether it be in front of 6 bar patrons, or even 3, you have my respect. So imagine being in the audience, at this Fargo bar, and seeing a sweet 76-year-old "grandma" stroll into the spotlight, clear her throat just a tad, and proceed to BELT out a Rob Zombie "Dragula" song. One point two seconds into her performance you are left spellbound. According to inforum.com "The “grandma” in question is 76-year-old Judy Wanek from Breckenridge, Minnesota, who has two children, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild"

A role model for the youth? Heck yeah

Of course, Judy never expected this kind of fanfare. The one thing that doesn't surprise me one bit is how many people have committed that "they can only hope they will be as cool as she is when they reach that age" No comment so far by Mr. Zombie.



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