I understand that obviously during the holiday season campaigns like this are on social media frequently

I'm the first one to support this 100% - however, I hope that some people can remember to make this a prime focus 365 days a year, and not just during the holiday season. I'm not trying to be a downer at all, Christmas parties are meant for family, friends, and neighbors to get together and spread good cheer - drinking and smoking is part of it for a great deal of people. The absolute smartest thing you can do is prepare BEFORE the party starts.

It's not that hard to find a ride, someone, or some service that will drive you home 

I think it's a poor excuse when people say they couldn't find a ride, yet their cell phone is ALWAYS with them. No matter what, if you have to go up and down on your contact list, do so - CALL someone to pick you up after you have drank or smoked at a party or wherever. Nowadays pot is more accessible than ever to get your hands on, and driving a vehicle high is just as dangerous as when you are behind the wheel when you are drunk. Vision Zero ND says it perfectly:

"High, dazed, stoned, wasted — no matter the term, it’s dangerous if you get behind the wheel. If You Feel Different, You Drive Different. #ImpairedDriving #VisionZeroND"

Once again, THE most important thing is planning ahead

If you do that, you will help save lives, including even your own.

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