Let's talk about the many frustrations that are going around the country and here as well

Flights all around the country getting canceled, major delays, and would-be travelers face the frightening scenario of not being able to get to their planned destination for the holiday weekend coming up. I would guess more people now are searching for other ways of travel. Bad timing too ( although when is it good timing to have your flight delayed or just flat-out canceled? ) for officials expect this weekend to be one of the busiest in three years. According to cnn.com "At least 800 flights were canceled across the United States on Monday afternoon, according to the flight-tracking website FlightAware. This follows another chaotic travel weekend with more than 1,500 domestic flights canceled Saturday and Sunday"

Well, what's the reason for so many headaches?

There is more than one reason why all these problems have erupted, causing people to "pull their hair out of their heads" over the hassles. For one thing "Airlines have grappled with staffing shortages after demand bounced back faster than they were prepared for..." cnbc.com reported. The "bounced back" comment referred to when the pandemic took hold of everything, making air travel difficult. It seems like yesterday when masks were mandatory in all airports, and now that anchor has been lifted, I'm sure most people wouldn't mind going back to that ritual if it meant that they would be assured that they would get to their destination. I looked earlier at flights arriving at Bismarck Airport and saw some delays. So experts are saying this is a tremendously bad time to travel in the air anywhere, but if you must, definitely do your best to fly direct  - for one simple reason, to risk being stuck somewhere for hours because your second part of your journey got canceled or delayed. I mean, after all, a salad in most airports will empty out your wallet quicker than what it takes to put 3 peanuts in a complimentary snack bag they serve you on the plane.

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