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A doctor has commented about a certain food that "...protects you like a suit of armor" - now what could that possibly be? What would your guess be? Some kind of vegetable maybe? I mean after all, isn't that what your doctor usually gets around asking you - "Are you eating enough vegetables?" - That would have been my first guess. This doctor also has this to say about this food - "As a longevity researcher and regenerative medicine doctor, I've spent more than twenty years helping people develop healthy habits to live longer"  His name is Dr. Neil Paulvin. He considers this one particular food as a tool to promote longevity.

I will now rule out any kind of vegetable

Here are 6 key bullet points on how perfect this food is...

1. They strengthen your cells

2. They are great for your eyesight

3. They help with muscle recovery

4. They boost your brain health

5. They reduce inflammation

6. They lower cholesterol

.....Okay now, what is your guess? If you said...

Tasty blueberries
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BLUEBERRIES -   You are Correct! For one thing, they are low on calories and are filled with vitamins antioxidants that protect your body from infection. Those 6 bullet points I mentioned earlier are pretty important to your health, especially number 6 for me - Blueberries can reduce bad cholesterol and also lower your risk of heart failure. Not to mention they taste pretty darn good too. Put them on waffles, or vanilla ice cream, or just eat them by themselves. Who knows, soon you'll be on a horse, riding off into the suit, wearing a suit of armor!

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